Minor flaw in view-schematics filters

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Minor flaw in view-schematics filters

Post by Zimoon »

Playing around at the site I found a minor flaw in the filters. See this one http://www.swgcraft.org/dev/schematics. ... &le=93&ca=

It is supposed to, but its wording, to display "All" schematics with "Minimum skill required: " "Structure Expertise I". However, it seems it rather just shows the schematics which are awarded at that level, and not minimum.

Thinking yet another turn (could it be something in SWGAide coming up? 8)) I guess it makes sense to have 3 ways for this filter: maximum "skill", equal to "skill", and, minimum "skill". For a newbie the first makes sense. For a nerd the middle makes sense, hehe. But the last one, yeah, I wanted it this time, but there is no obvious use but more fussy situations, plus completeness of course :)

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Re: Minor flaw in view-schematics filters

Post by Sobuno »

Reworded to "Skill needed" - I do want to introduce the thing you're thinking about at some point though.
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