FIND RESOURCE not using all Resources?!

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FIND RESOURCE not using all Resources?!

Post by maninspace » Tue Jan 01, 2008 11:18 am

I just discovered something, I have to ask here about:

I just wanted to craft some Tissues to make some Food Additives:
Now I used the Find Resources-Function...
I entered what kind of Resouce I need - in this case Organic
I used the Percentages (FL 20% PE 30% OQ 50%)

As best Result the database showed up Ruwaurka Talusian Vegetable Greens with a rating of 896


now I did something in accident while I was crafting...

I used in this organic slot instead of the meat wood (OQ 993)

and my crafting tool gave me a rating of 99,3% for this slot...

So, my question is: Why hasn't the database suggested this wood instead of the greens?

Any ideas?

Greetings, ManInSpace
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Re: FIND RESOURCE not using all Resources?!

Post by Zimoon » Tue Jan 01, 2008 12:37 pm

My immediate thought is that the Find logic does not consider that Wood only has OQ and not the other FL and PE, which is perfectly fine IFF (math abbr. for If and only IF) there are other slots that fill these stats. But if this is the only slot where FL and PE can be met, then you cannot use Wood at all.

Personally I think, while it would be nice to have a super smart Find feature, how would you tell it queries such as

"I want the best Organic with OQ/PE/FL?"
"I want the best Organic with OQ/PE/FL but you can skip one of FL/PE if you want to?"
"I want the best Organic with OQ/PE/FL but you can skip both FL/PE if you want to?"
"I want the best Organic with any one of OQ/PE/FL?"
"I want the best Organic with any two of OQ/PE/FL?"

You see the problem, the number of combinations to query for quickly becomes astronomical. And there is no way for a computer to know which of the five above that is valid in your particular case. And there are still possible queries I did not mention :P

Actually, a computer can just answer questions, it cannot figure out what you really meant or successive queries you wanted it should magically understand (that magic mind your girlfriend wants you to have when she sends you to buy snacks while she also implicitly means pops and some sweet). Thence, you must phrase your question so you get the answer you want from the quite stupid computer.

In your case, your knowledge of how Organics are organized and how the schematic looks like could have made you rephrase the query to ask for "Organic and OQ" if that combo suits the schematic. Or do several queries to compare the results. After all it is the combination of resources that are actually used in the schematic that decides what to query for, right?

Adding check boxes to the Find feature which when selected means the stat is optional could work, but it would force the logic to make several queries one by one, merge the results, sort on best, and present the topmost. This is fine for a site with not-that-many concurrent users but as soon it picks up speed this won't do it anymore.


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