Added a resource to the wrong server

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Added a resource to the wrong server

Post by iray »

When I was going through and cleaning up my resources, I came across several that were not in the database - most likely really old ones that I've had for several years. I added them in as I came across them, but I accidentally added one to the Starsider list that was a Bloodfin resource. When I noticed my error, I removed whatever I could, but I seem to be left with:

Name: pleasedeleteme
Class: Lidium Extrusive Ore
Server: Starsider

Is this the correct place to post to have someone "fix" the rest of my mistake, or is there a way I can remove it myself?
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Re: Added a resource to the wrong server

Post by Sobuno »

Deleted :)

Historical (or 'old') resources can unfortunately not be deleted by the user that added them, but only by moderators and admins. So yes, this was the right place to post :)
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