Interplanetary Survey Droids -- ISDroids

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Interplanetary Survey Droids -- ISDroids

Post by Zimoon »

This is a short explanation about these droids, what they are and do, and why they are highly useful. Also a quick-start guide. The same information is found also in How to Update SWGCraft - a Guide, Beginners' Guide For Traders, and other locations.

Interplanetary Survey Droids, or ISDroids for short, are crafted by Master Droid Engineers. The droids are consumables and come with a count, the number of uses they have before consumed and gone. The droids also have a mechanism quality which determines the speed at which they finish their task. The droids just survey at the 10 core planets, not Kashyyyk nor Mustafar. ISDroids do not survey for creature resources.

To use them you also need to have survey devices of the wanted type, these are consumed too, not returned. Survey devices are crafted by worst possible metal, recycled is great.

When you send out a droid for a select planet and a select resource type you read a system message that tells you the time until you receive a report from the droid. Then the report comes as an in-game mail, one per droid-planet-type.

An ISDroid report, for the selected resource type and a planet it reads all resource-classes that are available and the names of these resources. Notice, the report is for the time it was generated, not when you log in and open your mail box, this is tested and verified. An ISDroid report does not contain waypoints or stats.

Players often ask: "What is the use case then, if they do not read the stats or waypoints?"

In themselves they seem pretty senseless, indeed. However, used together with SWGCraft they are most powerful. Because the reports read the current status at a planet it is possible to compare the report with what SWGCraft knows about that planet and the resource type, and this yields both all despawned resources and all new resources.

This information, what is new and what has despawned is essential for any real Trader.

Quick Start

Get some crates of ISDroids and some crates of survey devices for the resource types you plan to cover.

Whether you want high count or high quality is up to you, a skilled DE with great resources often manufacture them in two flavors, one with 15 counts and a bit slower (around 25-30 minutes), and one with 10 counts and faster (around 15 minutes). The droids have two experimental lines so there is always a trade-off between the two; counts 10 and 15 is just so the droids even out with the use for 10 planets at a time, they are not fix numbers.

  • Have your personal survey devices in your backpack, to keep them invisible for the survey droids.
    • Certainly so if you are lucky to have the old Inorganic Survey Device, which you do not want to consume but you want it hidden from the ISDroid.
  • Take 10 survey devices from a crate into your inventory.
    • If you plan for several resource types, still take just 10 at a time, explained later.
    • Have no other survey devices in your inventory, explained later.
  • When you begin, align the two different dialogs "on top of//over" the ISDroid in your inventory and over each other --- this saves you lots of mouse movement.
  • Always cover all 10 planets for the wanted resource type --- to keep SWGCraft and yourself in the best shape possible.
Now you are prepared for one batch: a droid with 10 counts and 10 survey devices in inventory.
- Double click the droid and a dialog opens with the 10 core planets.
- Double click a planet and a dialog open with the type of a survey device.
- Double click the survey device and read a system message that tells the wait time until the report arrives.
- Start over for the next planet until all 10 are sent out.
- Stop, or rinse and repeat: get 10 more survey devices for the next resource type, start over.

The above explains why it is good to align the dialogs carefully. When I split out a droid I also move it within my inventory to a certain location that will always be under the dialogs, experience will show you. It also explains why it is better to have just 10 of the same device type in inventory at a time, you do not need to pay attention at the second dialog to select the proper device but there is just one choice. If many device types it happens that the order changes and verifying against this slows you down.

Do something else while waiting, or go have dinner or whatever :)

The reports are back, then do a /mailsave. Now you have two options:
  • Submit the reports using the upload feature at
    Mails are found in ...\StarWarsGalaxies\profiles\account_name\galaxy\mail_Character Name\
    Mails are named with increasing numbers so the new mails are at bottom, but if other mails interleave the reports you still have to find and sort them out somehow. Notice that you can upload max 10 mails at a time. Also notice that this way you cannot include resource stats.
  • Submit the reports using SWGAide. Select the galaxy and appropriate character and at the mail view, select the folder named ISDroid. SWGAide finds and populates itself with all available ISDroid reports for that character; if there are old reports it prompts you about that and asks if you want them removed.
    • Click the first button Submit 1&2 and all despawned and incomplete planet availability is submitted right away
    • Click the button "Write to file" and new resources and those without stats are written to a notes file.
    • In game, open the notes file by /note res
    • Browse a 30k veteran resource crate and fill in the stats to the notes file
    • When done in-game you close the notes file (this is important)
    • Back at SWGAide, click the Submit button
    • Done!!!
While the latter option looks harder at first sight I can assure you about the opposite. Today SWGAide presents you with the quickest and the smoothest way to submit data almost from in-game to SWGCraft. Plus the other features that comes with this utility.

Now SWGCraft is up-to-date with the help of yourself and ISDroids.

What about the time invested here?
The first few times it will take some more time but it takes just a minute to prepare the inventory and another minute to send out 10 droids. Waiting time not counted because you can do other stuff. Using SWGAide it then takes a couple of minutes to submit and for any one of the types it takes 1-4 minutes to fill in the stats but Flora takes a little longer because they are always a few more. All in all for all 6 resource types I would say something like less than 15 minutes, this is if the galaxy is in good order and updated on an almost daily basis, otherwise... :twisted:

Good luck
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