Resources at FarStar, WAS: SWGAide v0.7.27 Beta

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Resources at FarStar, WAS: SWGAide v0.7.27 Beta

Post by Scimitar » Sat Dec 27, 2008 1:22 pm

is farstar the only one, where ressources keep getting messed up on swgcraft ?

I have the highest respect for the people that takes the effort to help the craft coommunity, but it is very annoying when most of the list is "no stats available" and nobody removes it.

I myself gave up on entering ress manually, because the interface is too stupid...if I choose a planet it would help alot if the ressource fold down, only showed ress from that planet so you dont have to scroll forever through all galactic ressources.

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Re: Resources at FarStar, WAS: SWGAide v0.7.27 Beta

Post by Zimoon » Sat Dec 27, 2008 2:47 pm

Hi Sci,
first I splitted your post as it did not seem related to SWGAide but rather is about resources in general, or perhaps at FarStar.

That people are entering resources without stats, I hope you don't call that "mess up", do you? If you do, please read No stats vs. with stats, just next to this post. In short, it is better to have the resources reported than not at all. Certainly so if also depleted resources are updated accordingly.

About planets, I believe you are talking about the web user interface, are you? I can only comment that there is a drop-down list to choose a planet from, or "all". You can also set a particular planet in your user settings at the resources part of this site ( ) if you want to. That perhaps does not solve all your problems/wishes, but perhaps some of them?

If you are using SWGAide, I appreciate all suggestions and ideas to improve to it, or add features. We are currently two developers but at times we have a very limited time and December seems to have been such a month, sorry for that :(


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Re: Resources at FarStar, WAS: SWGAide v0.7.27 Beta

Post by ziso » Sun Dec 28, 2008 7:12 pm

i hold my hands up on this one. As in my post in problems/feedback i had a tempory hiccup uploading the resources and they appeared without stats but i understand what i did wrong and i can assure you it wont happen again. I plan another 3 updates in the next week so im sure by the end of the week everything posted before Xmas without stats will be depleted and all new ones will have stats on them.


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Re: Resources at FarStar, WAS: SWGAide v0.7.27 Beta

Post by Ersa Litros » Sun Dec 28, 2008 7:48 pm

Hi, i am sure you talking about my survey's for flora.

Was the first time i try it SWGaid so i was not able to make it work right. The next time i hope i will make it better.
BTW as i see allready Ziso fix that and now all is back to normal.

And dont blame too easy people that taking their personal time for updating the site. We try* as we can:]]

And i want to say a thanks to everyone that update the site - even with 1 resource - help all of us alot:]]

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