Odd Resource containers

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Odd Resource containers

Post by Kymethraa » Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:24 pm

Hey all,
I took over a friends account on Bloodfin recently. Upon inspection of his house on Rori, I found a cabinet filled with some peculier resource containers for "Wind Crystal energy" as well as a number of crates of injectors and chems that I've never seen (I started SWG 6 mo pre-NGE) The wind crystal energy crates all have Aurillian markings.
Can anyone provide any insight on these?

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Re: Odd Resource containers

Post by Zimoon » Mon Nov 03, 2008 3:44 pm

The "old Aurillian Village" was a fun experience, it was on a 4 period cycle, I think 3 weeks each, and it was similar to: devastated, upbuild-1, upbuild-2, rebuilt. Each had several quests for different lines of force sensitiveness, some where most tough, a few insanely hard but you could try as many times you managed to during these weeks. Many of these quests involved taking down Siths, mainly at Dathomir, and among other things they dropped these crates as loot. Some quests used these crates, if I remember it was for the crafting quests.

They came in two colors, silver and yellow.

Nowadays they can be worth millions if you find the buyer :)


/fading into dreams about 'those were the days ...'

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