Stats for Armorsmith

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Stats for Armorsmith

Post by Akor »

Hey guys I am basically new to the Armorsmith profession and was just wondering, what stats do I really need to make some really nice armor, I mean is it just OQ or are there other factors involved?
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Re: Stats for Armorsmith

Post by Zimoon »

Welcome to this site and congrats to your first post, good to see new people aboard :D

As a beginner I suggest you start with the Beginners Guide for Traders in the General Crafting forum. Why, since most of your questions will be replied to there, such as the one you just posted.

To answer your question:
Most schematics call for more than one important stat, and OQ is not always one of them. You simply have to read the schematics as you learn them, they are in your Datapad>>Draft Schematics, or read them at this site: /dev/schematics.php?c=A&p=10&le=. It seems as OQ/SR are the two more common ones for armor, 50/50. Then you must also take into the math possible caps on SR (OQ has no caps). But that is read about in the beginners guid.

Again, welcome and don't hesitate to ask. Crafting in SWG is very much deeper than in most other games.

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