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Edit planet availability

Post by Zimoon » Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:08 pm

I was playing around with editing resources and found that any registered player now can edit any resource to their hearts content but not remove them, that is great.

However, there seems to be no way to edit at which planet is marked as available at. Normally you want to add a planet, and that is no problem. But it seems impossible to remove a planet from the list of planets.

Is this a big problem? Not really, it is just annoying for miners to read a list of planets that is in error at times. However, what can happen is that somebody marks the resource as unavailable at the erratic planet, which will wrongly "despawn" it at the entire galaxy.

Does this happen often? I don't know but I know players at Chimaera that have been in trouble and contacted me thinking it was trouble with SWGAide but it turned out to be this kind of error. To my defense I must say that SWGAide will not mark the resource as unavailable at an erratic planet if it is found at any other planet, but for that to really work ISDroids must be sent to all 10 planets.

Could it be fixed easily? I don't know. I rather post this to get some input on the severity.

Finally some praise,

While playing around I found many great features, I just love them :D


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