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Gunship crafting question

Posted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 7:11 pm
by Auq-Din
Hi all,

Incoming noob shipwright question! Though I should add, I have done a lot of reading and do master WS very well.

I have been looking through the required resources to craft a gunship, and from my own collection plus some resources crates I concluded I could use the following resources (when focusing solely on mass, i.e. MA/OQ/SR/UT - I find hitpoints less important, but they'll still be very decent using these resources (resource score of 975.73)):

70k Steel: ... id=1171213
10k Aluminum: ... id=1157839
10k Inert Petro:
10k Iron: ... id=1178981
10k Copper: ... id=1131652
10k Fiberplast:

Now that I think of it... the question may actually be quite advanced... Let's see.

In addition to the above, I still need 20k Low-grade Ore, and 10k Siliclastic Ore. Let's have a look at the Low-grade Ore first. The best one seems to be: - but there is a clear issue with the resource cap, as it scores 131.5% on MA! Now the formal cap of Low-grade Ore is 1000 for all of MA/OQ/SR/UT, but I haven't found ANY type of Low-grade Ore which itself goes up to 1000 in all four categories. So either this means that it is impossible to cap the Low-grade Ore, or it means the listed caps are not correct. Question #1: is this the right resource to use, and should I base its score on 600, 800 (?) or 1000 maximum MA?

Now let's have a look at the Siliclastic Ore. I found these two: and . The formal caps on Siliclastic Ore are MA/OQ/SR/UT = 1000/1000/600/700. The Tertian would thus be quite decent, and depending on the answer of Question #1, this would actually cap my gunship mass with all the other listed resources (when assuming 800 maximum MA, the total resource score is 963.84). However, when I look at the Fermionic, the listed caps are 1000 all around, with the actual SR score indeed above the formal cap of Siliclastic Ore, as it's 683/600. How is that possible, if Fermionic Siliclastic Ore is a subclass of Siliclastic Ore? Question #2: which of those two should I use?

Thanks for reading! (and for the help ;))

Auq. :)

Re: Gunship crafting question

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:14 am
by Savacc
Ahhh, you have stumbled onto why capping mass on a gunship (or POB ship) is so difficult. :wink:
You are correct in your observation that no single type of ore will "cap" MA, SR and UT. Silicalstic and Carbonate ores can get to 1000 MA, but not SR and UT. Extrusive and Intrusive ores will get to 1000 SR and UT, but not MA. One solution is to use two types of ore. You will notice that there are two slots of 10k each for ore. Another solution is to look for an awesome Mustafar ore, and even though the MA will be a bit low, hope all your other resources make up for it. :D

Kind of by default I have answered your question about caps, for ore it is 1000 MA, 1000 SR and 1000 UT. That Mustafar Ore you found is correct (or at least I am going to assume so). For a short period of time, some Mustafar resources spawned that exceeded their caps. It was a "bug" that is not supposed to happen any more. :roll:

The caps on Silicalstic are as you list, and for that slot those caps will be considered. Firmionic Silicalstic Ore is a JTL resource. If you havent noticed these by now, all JTL resources disobey their parent class resource caps. What will happen if you use that Firmionic Ore is the SR of 683 will be considered as if it were 600 (the cap) and it will rate at 100%. However, I would say use the Tertian Ore. The UT on that Firmionic is too low.

For your Inert Petrochemaical, look for a Lube Oil instead of that Polymer.

There are a lot of numbers there to crunch. You will have to run it through a program like SWGAide or Shipwright's Little Helper to be sure if those resources will cap for you. Maybe someone on Chimera can tell you.

I dont know how many 30k resource kits you are planning on burning to make this, but it could be one very expensive gunship chassis. :shock:

Re: Gunship crafting question

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:49 am
by usulnet
I'd back up what Savacc suggest but I was curious what you mean by a gunship? If you mean a POB I'm not sure if you would want to dump that many crates into something like that. I was playing when JTL launched so fortunately I'm sitting on some pre-nerf engines but even that aside my POB's aren't even close to maxed out on their mass. I could see using crates to maybe squeeze your max mass out of a small but highly maneuverable ship but you may want to look into buying some more ideal components for your POB which would probably be cheaper. I have a level 2 droid interface that is better than any level 10 droid interface and I am pretty sure they still drop bugged like that. I've bought some like that from random vendors for only 2000 before, that's one good way to save on mass. You could also try to get your hands on a pre-nerf engine. Off the top of my head I think the one in my Decimator is a level 4 engine so it takes almost no mass but with engine overload it runs 1200-1300 I believe.

Well however you choose to do it I hope you enjoy your new ride!


Re: Gunship crafting question

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:44 am
by Savacc
Gunships have been around for more then a year now havent they? Gunships are huge POB ships with 6 gun turrets and the pilot firing 2 more. The one use schematic is a collection reward for pilots. The issue with mass is that while the original POB ships have 5 mill mass and no possible way to fill all of that mass, gunships have 3 mill mass (max) and can easily be filled using the new Gunship parts.

A lot has changed in piloting and shipbuilding in recent years, and no loot that dropped circa 2006 can possibly compete with the crafted Gunship parts or reward schematics of today. The lvl 2 DI you speak of certainly does not drop and hasnt in years. I have a couple but dont use them as they are obsolete.

I should have added that the resource requirements for a gunship are identical to the original POB ships, which was why I mentioned the POB ships in my first post.

Re: Gunship crafting question

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:03 am
by Auq-Din
Thanks a lot for the replies! It is indeed a Gunship, not a POB, and hence capping the mass is a lot more important. :)

As for burning the crates - I have all of the listed resources already, except for the Fiberplast and the two Ores, so it'd be three crates (which I can also use to craft the next gunship).

I understand why the Oil would be better than the Polymer - it's because it only has OQ, right? So a lot easier to cap :)

Ah, I did know that the Fermionic Ore was JTL, but I never realised they didn't care about the Ore caps! I'll definitely do the Tertian Ore then.

Now for the general Low-grade Ore... since this Mustafarian one is over the cap, and can (I presume) still be obtained with a Free Crate, wouldn't it be better to use this one rather than taking a combination of different Ores? And if I were to use two Ores, which classes would you recommend? I'd say using one is probably just as "bad" as using two, because 5000*0.25*700+5000*0.25*700 == 10000*0.25*700 if you get what I mean :)

Either way, if I end up taking the Mustafarian, I'll need to work on another resource (perhaps swapping the Polymer for Oil will do the trick, especially because of the Polymer's bad MA) to get the grand total above 960 (the 40 point bonus applies right? It's 957 now (update: nope, I found a 1000OQ Oil to swap for the Polymer and just did the maths - it's 958.7)). Because if I understand correctly, the overcapped MA will count as 789/1000 in the total calculation.

Before I forget, I had one last question: are the experimentation rolls important or will you always cap the mass line if you go for it? In that case my current resources will guarantee a 2,999,340 mass gunship (because resource quality only governs the last 500k mass of the 3M). :) Is that generally considered "good enough"? I wouldn't be too fussed about the 660 mass, but I can imagine it comes into play later on.

Thanks again! This is really helpful! :)

edit: by the way, I noticed that Trader SWG has difficulties importing SWGCraft resources atm... could it be that there is a maximum number of resources that it can import and that my "My Resources" has become too large? Error is as follows:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/swgcraft/public_html/dev/traderswg/import_SWGC.php on line 51
You currently have no resources in your My Resources page at
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Re: Gunship crafting question

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:17 pm
by Savacc
Yes on why to use Lube Oil.
If you have run the numbers and the Musty Ore works best, then I believe you. I was just suggesting something I had heard another shipwright try (the using 2 ores bit).
Yes the MA on the Musty Ore should be figured 789/1000.

You will always be able to experiment one line to the max of your resources. It is only if you care about the "Hit Points" line that you will want to use a "Crafting Suit" and pray for amazing successes.

I would be really happy with a Gunship that had mass of 2999340. :D However if your goal is 3 mill mass, then ask around on Chimera and see if anyone there has made a 3 mill mass gunship. Then find out which resources they used instead of yours.

Sobuno is going to have to help you with your TraderSWG issue, sorry that's not my area of expertize.

Re: Gunship crafting question

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 7:36 am
by Auq-Din
OK, thanks so much for the reply and all your help! In fact, I found some updates for my Duralloy and Kammris, and it's now easily 3M! :)

I'll still have to open three crates for the Fiberplast and Ores though... but that'd be 4 crates per 3 gunships, and at 7mil per crate that's only 9mil per gunship. I don't know whether it'd work, but I could perhaps buy two extra schematics and put two gunships on my vendor... at 3M mass their relative rarity should easily make up the price difference :)

I PMed Sobuno about the TraderSWG issue.

Re: Gunship crafting question

Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:09 pm
by Zimoon
Once I am finished with prising SWGAide to be computer independent (either itself movable or its DAT file) I will add the missing pieces to import/export resources with SWGTrader here at SWGCraft. But one step at a time. Until then I have a feeling that SWGAide suits your needs somewhat better, certainly so to interact with in-game data.


Re: Gunship crafting question

Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:27 pm
by Auq-Din
Thanks Zimoon, much appreciated :)

The TraderSWG issue has been solved now, it turned out to be a typo in the site's code. ;)