RE lvl 1 components

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RE lvl 1 components

Post by baldysm » Wed Sep 02, 2009 7:58 pm

Is there any reason to RE level 1 ship components?

Everything I made is worse than the prototype components you get as a freebie.

Can you get the parts to make a Firespray from RE'ing them?

I have an alt on another server from my main, and a ship wright was buying dropped loot for 2k per RE level, including lvl 1. I can't sell lvl 1 stuff for even 1000 credits.

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Re: RE lvl 1 components

Post by Savacc » Thu Sep 03, 2009 5:13 am

The only reason to RE lvl 1 space loot is to get disks for the KSE Firespray. The Chassis Dealer buys loot for 1k per lvl, so the Shipwright paying 2k is simply outbidding the NPC. Years ago I used to buy space loot for 2k per lvl, till I got so much I couldnt keep up with it and storage became a problem.

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Re: RE lvl 1 components

Post by Zimoon » Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:10 am

baldysm wrote:...
Can you get the parts to make a Firespray from RE'ing them?
Yes, you can:



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