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Re: Shipwright Helper Monkey

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Zimoon wrote:
MoonDragn wrote:According to the quest guides, you have to craft 20 of those from each collection, but the collection itself only gives you 1 schematic. Does this mean I have to do the collection 20 times? Is it possible to do that collection more than once?
It means you must be reeeeeeeally active and have social skills above the average 8)

I have not done any monkeys yet, in spite of having dozens of friends. The problem is that each and every low-level germ that has a crafter seldom played at use them for themselves not realizing that they screw up for the high-end crafters. As in, "heh, I can craft myself that fish tank for free :D" but then, after that, realizing "ooopppsss, I need to find 19 other peps to ask now :shock: "

May I say more than :roll:

Have you tried buying them some wine and talking nice? :mrgreen:
Sorry for the post on such an old topic, but I'm bored out of my mind at work and couldn't resist :D
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Re: Shipwright Helper Monkey

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I was wandering if they updated this to make it easier to get, like makin the schem's able to make 1 factory run with the schem in order to get the same result. :idea:

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