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structure modules

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:52 am
by -Anglarna
Just done a factory run of 200, just wondering in this climate, how much should i put them on my vendor for, have tried to look around for others but most vendors have just got them on for 99999999 or something

Mny thanks :oops:

Re: structure modules

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:16 pm
by Swedishoyster
for architect stuff that use no quality (these can be made with smelted stuff) I would try starting at 2-3 CPU, lower than that and you could have problem breaking even, most architect do their own though so i doubt there is a huge market for them (depending on server ofc).
I tried selling walls but always end up using them myself, you can never ever get enough walls lol.

If you wanna sell stuff go for the HQ stuff that actually use quality like sub components in harvesters (Heavy Harvesting Mechanism or Advanced Ore Mining Unit for example) but don't excpect much more than 10 CPU for those either, Architect is not the most money making profession, but by far the easiest (/ducks from the walls flinged at me by upset architects).

Oh and by CPU I mean cost per unit, if something uses 1000 resources and you sell it for 3000 credits, that's 3CPU.

Re: structure modules

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:13 pm
by Zimoon
I am sorry to say that I would probably not buy Structure Modules. On the other hand, if somebody sold Walls for a reasonable price I would consider it. But given that all of this can be made by recycled resources that is harvested at a max cost of .25 CPU (everything included for the harvesting) I guess you cannot really charge more than 1 or 2 CPU for the walls. In crates of course. Which kind of defeats a novice which to handcraft. A novice can of course hand craft the modules and manufacture the walls ... :(

Whatever, walls I would buy, hardly the modules. But that is me, and that said, for a reasonable price everything can be sold, or contracted.

As a fledgling architect I would handcraft everything possible and sell the house types I learned most recently, each house usually gives another level and they do sell. Probably the Bazaar is better for this kind of sales, now when there is no immediate price limit anymore.

Good luck


Re: structure modules

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 6:17 pm
by Savacc
Swedishoyster wrote: Architect is not the most money making profession, but by far the easiest (/ducks from the walls flinged at me by upset architects).
You know I have to dispute that :lol:
I would say Tailor is the easiest. There is nothing that requires quality resources or experimenting and Tailors need far fewer resources. I was a Tailor once and really enjoyed it. I so, so wish that we could color furniture like Tailors can color clothing. :?

Anglarna, like the others, Im not sure there is a big market for Structure Mods, or Walls. The only people you can sell them to are other Architects, who can make their own. You are better off using the Structure Mods to make houses or harvesters to sell to people who can not make them.

Re: structure modules

Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:12 am
by Zimoon
Savacc, if somebody sold crates of walls for a reasonable price I would buy them. But it is definitely a price issue because I can do them myself, hence it is rather a price versus convenience issue for me and I am quite cheap 8)

What I want to say is:
Anything can be sold for the right price.

Once upon a time as a Tailor I had contracts that didn't make me rich but it upheld the city maintenance for my Mayor toon. The contracts were mainly for AS, they could surely have manufactured everything on their own just handing me the resources for a manufacture schematic, but they wanted the convenience. Not only the crafting but also the resource digging/hunting.

After all, there is lots of stuff where interaction between players should be encouraged. I am sad to say that bartering and contract brokers are slowly becoming remnant echoes from the past, but in Star Wars they are definitely prominent skills, not so among all SWG players.


Re: structure modules

Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:28 am
by Swedishoyster
Well I'm actually in the process of making a tailor experimentation suit, omg why you ask? Well I was going to make Enzyme Extractors and realized to my utter horror that those bastard's sub components wanted clothing experimentation, not artisan...

But other than that, yes ofc tailor is easier than architect, it just feels that way because it was my first trader. I mainly use my tailor for RE though so money making wise it's way better than architect, where you should be happy to get 10 CPU for the stuff you make... I can't seem to even get rid of elite harvesters for 295k nowadays...