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The new "consumables" for RE.

Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:03 am
by Swedishoyster
So, has anyone had the chance to try out the new RE-consumables yet?
Busy grinding pets atm and haven't had the opportunity to check it out yet.
Only had a small try with my tailor, made a 100% bit from my "awesome materials bag" and successfully made a 30-bit from a 29-bit, but that really doesn't tell anything whatsoever, i guess PUPs is where these will be mandatory from now on?

What I would like to know is:
a) how much "RE" do they add? Is a RE-bit 100% equal too 100 skillpoints of RE?
b) will it "guarantee" a "level up" or just increase the chance a bit? As in, if you have a 34-bit and use the consumable, will you definitely get a 35 out of it or just increase the chance of it to go be a 35?
c) Powerups, anyone tried to make PUPs with them yet? How much better are they?
d) How important is the quality REALLY? I mean should I put in the expensive 100 cpu stuff to get 100% bits or will 94% el-cheapo bits be just as good? (when making power bits)

I hope to be able to check this stuff out this weekend but family/work and my BM-grinding have me quite occupied right now.

Re: The new "consumables" for RE.

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:38 am
by Swedishoyster
Added it to schematics now, it uses Artisan skill and General Crafting Tool and Station.
Making some batches now, once they are done the testing will begin.

Re: The new "consumables" for RE.

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 11:36 pm
by Zimoon
Great initiative :D

Re: The new "consumables" for RE.

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:59 am
by Swedishoyster
Only did a small testrun with a crate crate of 25 RE enhancers.
They DO increase the chance of the bit "leveling up", but it's not a guaranteed thing.
Got quite a few failed tries at 33/34, you know how a 34 can get "stuck" and I had 5 failed tries in a row until it turned into a 35.
25 is way too few to get any reliable statistics, but I would say that it's pretty comparable to bespin port and amazings.
You do increase the chance with an X factor, but you can still get failures.

I used a crate of 100% experimented, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't really notice the difference from a 90% bit really, but to avoid more frustration than you already have when making bits I'm gonna keep using 100% ones.

Next try is to make pups, time allowing...

Update: First run of making pups (RE-pups) with the new consumables 100%

Try 1: 10
Try 2: 10
Try 3: 10
Try 4: 9 (lots of swearing here)
Try 5: 11

I then had one 35-bit left and got a 13 Healing Power pup.

I'm now out of 35's so further testing will be on hold for a while.

Re: The new "consumables" for RE.

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:25 am
by Ceres
well, Im not the Empirical data type.

I got some of these today and I think they help.

I did a pack full of loot yesterday and another today. I usually get everything to 30 without many additional luck buff items burnt, then "buff" everything up to grind 30's to 35's asap while the meter's running on all the consumable expensive stuff.

Yesterday I noted my usual average of around 3-6 failed additional iterations going from 30-35. Today using the enhancers the average was about 2 fails is all. I even had my first perfect run ever of 30-35 in only 5 grinds.

You do burn thru them faster than you think and need to pop in more pretty quick during a hard grind session. Its cost effective to just use one each grind even, vs the true cost of a failed iteration.

At 10000 creds for a 25x crate thats a pretty good consumable for the benefit it brings. If it saves me even ONE iteration out of those 25 grinds then Im saving money and time on the deal, hehe. I'm sure its a lot more than one, hehe.

Thanks for the tip about these.

I just found a new use for them (at least news to me) that's even more cost-effective! When cutting the stats off raw loot, pop one in each time. I did 10 +22's and got a mix of several +24's up to a couple +27. Then I did 10 with an enhancer each time, got only one +26 and the rest were half +27, half +28. Considering how much the loot costs to combine for bits this saves a TON of creds not having to push a power bit up from 24 or 25 but starting out at 27 or 28 in the first place. SUPER efficient to use an enhancer!

I'm amassing some 35's for later to run off some RE pups and will report then.

A question comes to mind: is it possible to use an enhancer and iterate a 2nd order +35 into a 3rd order, without use of a double or more statted loot item? or maybe with a lower stat double stat item?

Re: The new "consumables" for RE.

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:36 pm
by Ceres
I ran off a dozen RE chance pups just now.

Former results were, I would get maybe one +11 out of a dozen tries and some +9's mixed in with the +10's.

Today, I got 3/12 were +11 with nothing below a +10. So this RE Enhancer made a big difference which should basically double the profit of the batch of a dozen pups, if they were all to sell.

Dunno about your servers but on Starsider a +11 RE with over 200 uses lists for 4M.

Now how is it I have seen/heard of a +12, doh?