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Beginner's guide to BM

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:30 am
by Swedishoyster
This is a first draft, but I chose to post it before it's 100% ready so I can get some feedback.
As I myself became BM I couldn't really find any step-by-step guides, the swgpets stuff was more for the hardcore BM's and I couldn't really understand what to do when, or how, or why.

The beginners guide to Beast Master.

This guide is intended for those who wish to make their own pets.
A basic knowledge in how crafting and resources work in SWG is required.

The guide will take you through all the necessary steps, but NOT touching mutations.
We will first make a non-quality pet just to get the hang of how it all works,
it can be either a trader's hand sample pet, a mount or a holo-pet, they all
have the thing in common that quality doesnt matter at all.

Then we will move on to making your first 60pt pet, then finally try to make all the consumables/hardware yourself.

Shopping stage
We will first go shop all the necessary equipment, and as we want to make quality pets later,
we will get the good quality stuff at once.
1 x house - You must have a house to put your incubator in. Don't use one you already have, it will be filled of BM stuff soon.
1 x Incubator, unless you gonna make a lot of low quality pets, go for a Quality 4.0
1 x Enzyme Extractor, preferably 3.0 in Purity, this is needed to extract Hydrolase Enzyme from beasts you've killed.

Gatherables (you can ofc buy these things, but you really should try to gather it yourself)
7500 Geothermal - an incubator have 3 sessions and every session use 2500 Geothermal
1 DNA - You must have one skillpoint in BM to get the skill to Extract DNA
3 Hydrolase Enzyme - You use an Enzyme Extractor on a beast you killed.
3 Lyase Enzyme - This is gathered with the skill Forage (use the macro below)
6 Isomerase Enzyme - Looted from dead beasts.

I suggest you do the following, go find a good spawn of Geothermal and place an extractor.
Then go out and kill the type of beast you want, let's take a durni for example.

Do the DNA-extract until you succeed (it doesnt always work) then use up the Enzyme Extractor
on big angry beast like Krayt Dragons, Rancors or Giant Dune Kimoglias, this will get you a lot
Hydrolases of varying quality as well as loads of Isomerases.
Next go to Lok, then install this macro:

/ui action targetSelf;
/ui action petToolbarSlot3; (optional with Truffle Pig special ability)
/pause 2;
/pause 2;
/pause 2;
/pause 2;
/pause 2;
/pause 2;
/macro Forage;

This macro will let you forage for lyase, the most annoying part of being a BM,
as you probably don't have a lvl 90 pet, a combat droid will do to guard you from evil worms.
This macro will take you sideways in a straight line, you might want to monitor it a bit as your
toon can get stuck. Hopefully your droid will be able to handle most mobs that gets in your way.
Do this until your inventory is full and you should now have enough Lyases to start your very own pet. The reason we went to Lok is that you don't get any icecream parts there, more maps and Lyases.

Remember there are NO such thing as a shitty Lyase, Hydro or Iso, you will use the shitty ones
(the ones that didn't exist, ho ho) right now.

Pick out 3 Lyase with the lowest numbers, and 6 with lowest percentages on Iso and the 3 lowest purity on
WARNING! Do NOT use Hydrolases over 7 in purity as that is a waste of a good hydro and you will regret wasting it on a non-quality pet later. Also save all 11 skills Lyase and all ISO over 85%
Put down your Incubator in your house

Right-click it and deposit 7500 geothermal

Now deposit your durni DNA (or whatever pet you choose)

Time for the first session, doubleklick on any 2 Iso, 1 Lyase and 1 Hydro
You can mess around with the sliders in whatever way you want since we are making a mount/holo/sampling pet. Once you are happy with your slider settings, you must fill out the purity points, they don't matter at all on this pet so do whatever you like. When done, press Commit to start the incubation.

Then wait for a day (yeah it sucks) I suggest you go out gathering Lyases, or hydrolases or try to make a lot
of cash, because when we are going to make a 60pt, it's gonna cost ya!

Repeat the sessions twice (once a day) and you will finally get an option that says Formulate Egg, now you can get your egg.

Once the egg is in your inventory, you get an option to either hatch it, make a mount (need to put BM expertise skills for that), or make a holo pet.

Remember that once it's hatched, it's untradable. Go ahead and hatch it! Or Holo pet it, durni's can't be made as mounts, no matter what amount of duck tape you use.

See, this wasn't so hard was it?

Next time we'll make a 60pt pet with bought consumables/hydros.

Re: Beginner's guide to BM

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:30 am
by Swedishoyster
Making your first 60 point pet
This time we will make a 60 points pet and you should be prepared to spend some money.
A lot, no really, loads of money! We will assume that you still have the stuff from the last step
and move on from there.

Shopping list:
7500 x Geothermal with High OQ (960 or higher prefered)
3 x Hydrolase Enzyme with 20 points in Purity (yes they cost a LOT)
3 x Isomerase Enzyme 89.5% or better
3 x Isomerase Enzyme 85% or better
3 x Lyase Enzyme with 11 random Skillpoints
1 x DNA of your favorite pet

This will ensure a 60 pt pet, the high OQ Geothermal and High Percentage Isomerase will add to your dps,
and when you spend so much cash on a pet you REALLY want it to be as good as possible, right?

Now, i would also suggest, althought it's not necessary in order to get 60pt, that you get a BM-suit.
If you don't know about Reverse Enginering Bits and SEA's I suggest you first read this excellent

Now the skills affecting the crafting of pets are:
Fervent Mutation (a Rebel Clearance Badge + Unidentified Bones)
Focused Enzyme Manipulation (a Tauntaun heart + an ammunition crate)
Incubation Time Reduction (Shield Module + Tubing)

You can NOT put any of these skills in an Chest Power Bit (the one you make during crafting)
nor can you put it in a weapons powerbit (the one you make during crafting).
Luck, Food or Drinks doesnt affect Incubation either.

As for BM expertize, when making a pet, i suggest this build: ... 0033000000

Remember that it's the 3x20 points Hydrolase that will guarantee that you get a 60 pt pet, the other stuff is
just for bonus dps/armour, decreased time in incubator and increased chance of getting a mutation.

Ok, so once you have bought all stuff and made your BM-suit it's time to actually make the pet.

You might have to cleanse your incubator from the last pet you made before we begin.

Before you do anything, make sure you have equipped the BM suit.

Put 7500 of your High OQ Geothermal in the incubator, insert the DNA and start the first session.

Session 1
Put a +89.5% Isomerase in the upper Iso slot
Put a +85% Isomerase in the lower Iso slot
Put in your 20 pt Hydrolase
Put in your 11 Skill Lyase

The Temperature Slider will increase your pet's dps (up) or armour (down)
The Nutrient Slider should read 17-3-0, failure to set this right might result in less than 60 points,
there are other variants possible but for the purpose of this guide, please just follow this instruction to the letter.

Now before you do ANYTHING, make absolutely sure the 89.5% Iso is in the upper Slot and that the nutrient
slider is set to 17 top, 3 middle, 0 bottom. Fill up the skills any witch way you want (cunning etc).

Ok go ahead and press Commit!

Now we have to wait a day again.

Session 2
Put a +89.5% Isomerase in the upper Iso slot
Put a +85% Isomerase in the lower Iso slot
Put in your 20 pt Hydrolase
Put in your 11 Skill Lyase

The Nutrient Slider should read 3-14-3

A day will pass...

Session 3
Put a +89.5% Isomerase in the upper Iso slot
Put a +85% Isomerase in the lower Iso slot
Put in your 20 pt Hydrolase
Put in your 11 Skill Lyase

The Nutrient Slider should read 0-3-17

Another day...

Your pet should be done, and if you've followed this guide to the letter, it's a 60pt with highest possible

For a lot of you, this is it, and no further reading is needed, but if you want to make everything yourself, or at
least refine your own hydrolase, the next step is for you.

Note about Geothermal OQ vs Iso quality(spreadsheet anyone?):
1000oq - 89.33% Iso
989oq - 89.40% Iso
950oq - 89.65% Iso
900oq - 89.98% Iso
896oq - 90.0% Iso

The guide is based on my own experiences, I started from scratch and had a hard time finding any useful guides, they were too old to be relevant, didn't cover everything, was just plain wrong/misleading etc. There are however a few bits I've found from other sources and the BM section of SWG's official forums for example. Also Do-en@europe-chimaera must be mentionend for answering a lot of my stupid questions in guildchat, and of course the number one source of information in the universe, Google :-)

Re: Beginner's guide to BM

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:31 am
by Swedishoyster
Reserved for part 3, making the consumables yourself

Re: Beginner's guide to BM

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:32 am
by Swedishoyster
Reserved for misc, links, tips and trick, (mutations) etc and my SECRET TRICK how to level a pet superfast without moving from spot to spot.

The faster way to level a pet to level 90 in less than a day.
The fastest way, by far, to level a pet, is to take advantage to the fact that a pet can never be a higher level than it's owner. Here is the complete guide how to level your pet.

You will need the following:
A pet egg (why not take your 60pt egg you just made in the guide above)
Any pet food - a few stacks
Beast Dietary Supplement X (where X is the corresponding type to your chosen pet) - a few stacks
A combat character lvl 90 who has NOT leveled as trader/or Entertainer
(if your character reached above lvl 10 with all three "profession types" combat/trader/entertainer, then you can't use this method).

In this example we will use Entertainer, but trader works identical.

Go respec your combat character to Entertainer. You will now be lvl 5.
Go to Mos Eisley Cantina and level in normal way to lvl 10, then stop.

Put all your expertize points in BM, doesnt really matter how as long as one of the skills you choose is "attack".

Hatch your pet and feed it and give it supplements.

Go just outside Mos Eisley and look for a spawn of low level beasts, prefereably around lvl 4-6.

Kill a few and let the pet level up to lvl 10, it will go real fast and after lvl 6-7 the pet can kill the mobs by it's own.

You should now be outside Mos Eisley as a lvl 10 Entertainer (or trader) with a lvl 10 beast that can easily kill the lvl 4-6 mobs around you. Now make the following macros:

/ui action cycleTargetOutward;
/pause 1;
/ui action petToolbarSlot0;
/pause 1;
/ui action petToolbarSlot1;
/pause 1;
/ui action petToolbarSlot0;
/pause 6;
/macro PetAttack;

(the "/pause 6" works for me, try adjusting it between 4 to 8 depending of respawn rate, lower is better but increase the chance of your pet getting killed)

/ui action toolbarSlot##;
/pause 3300;
/macro PetFeed;

(toolbarSlot## is replaced by the slot where you've put your pet food)

/ui action toolbarSlot##;
/pause 301;
/macro Stim;

(same but for Beast Dietary Supplements)

Now, just fire these three macros off and watch the action. I used a spot directly outside ME near the banks between two static spawns of mobs. I also found it easier to find targets quickly by having my character rotate slowly using CTRL+SHIFT+S

Now, a pet needs at total of 4,316,500 exp to reach lvl 90
You *should* now get around 500-600 exp per mob and the rate should be 4-8 mobs per minute depending on spawnrate. If you get less than 4 mobs per minute, move around untill you find a better spot, there are a lot of static spawns just outside ME.
An average 550*6*60=198000 exp per hour means you will reach the needed exp in less than 22 hours.
But wait, there is more, you are also taking supplements adding ~200 exp per kill raising it to 270000 exp per hour, it will actually take about 16 hours to gather enough exp for lvl 90.

Now this is fine if you are ONLY interested in reaching lvl 90, the problem with this method is that the Loyalty level will be very far from Best Friend Forever.

To make the pet BFF it will take some more time, so you can skip the Beast Dietary Supplement.

Now to reach BFF just keep doing the same thing, make sure the pet is fed at all time, the loyalty meter is bugged atm and will be stuck at 79% until it reached BFF.

Depending on the spawn/kill-rate, if the pet hates or loves the planet/activity/food etc it will take 36-72 hours to reach BFF.

Once your pet is BFF it's time for the fun part.

Go respec back to your combar profession and put a lot of points in BM
here is an example:


Now go back and have your pet kill mobs near THE PET'S level, it should level up one level every kill (sometimes it takes two kills). Remember you can NOT help the pet in any way or it will NOT receive exp or level up that kill.

The mobs around ME on Tatooine should take the pet up to around lvl 30 until it stops leveling up and it shouldn't take you more than 10-15 minutes.
Head to Corononet, go outside the city near the starport and kill the lvl 29-32 meatlumps there until the pet stops leveling, another 5 minutes tops.

Now head for Nashal on Talus and go to PoI: Aakuan Champion's Cave.
There you will find mobs lvl 40-52, have your pet kill mobs until stops leveling. It took me about 8 minutes.

Now head to Talus Imperial Outpost and kill the lvl 65 pirates until the pets stops leveling, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.

Finally head to yavin 4, just go out and kill any mobs thats green to you and the pet should be lvl 90 in under 5 minutes.

Congratulations, you have now leveled a pet to 90 in under 24 hours OR a pet to lvl 90 and BFF in around 2-3 days.

Now go respec in any wich way you want.

The macros are shamelessly stolen from

Re: Beginner's guide to BM

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:16 am
by Swedishoyster
Would be very grateful if an experienced BM could browse the guide as it is so far and see if they can spot anything not correct, typos or stuff like that.

I'm sorting the next step atm and will also soon add som pictures and stuff to make the guide more userfriendly. Just need to have a few things verified but soon I also will publish this awesome new way of leveling a pet as well :-)

Re: Beginner's guide to BM

Posted: Mon May 23, 2011 7:45 am
by Ship-Wreck
Will this work with a cl20 graul. But with cl14+ mobs. to kill. I havnt respeced my combatant yet so i could lvl a entertainer to cl20 if need be. Also wouldnt the experience get lower when your pet goes past cl10 or cl20 or do you turn off the exp. gain. But your pet still gets the exp. Its prob. because you char. is cl10 and you get the exp. no matter what. Was just wandering how it works.