A Buyer's Guide: Ordering Custom-made Weapons

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A Buyer's Guide: Ordering Custom-made Weapons

Post by Zimoon » Tue Jun 23, 2009 7:02 am

Originally posted at RSG's guild forum by Malane, written by Diebo.
Malane wrote:Diebo wrote beauty a "Guide" on the choices beauty has when I craft her Night Sister Energy Lance for her. ...

Ordering Custom-made Weapons

When you want a custom-made weapon there are some things that you should take into account before you approach a weaponsmith with your order.
  1. All weapons CL74 and above can have an elemental crafted into the Core. Some weapons are fixed to a certain elemental but most weapons can be crafted with any elemental you choose. This handy Guide on Official Forums has most craftable weapons, and their important stats, listed: clicky
  2. Not all weapon schematics are inherent. Some schematics are only available through "deconstruction" so you'll need to provide the schematic. If a weapon is deconstructable it will be an option on the radial menu, any profession can deconstruct it and get a tradable schematic (bio-linked sticks so the WS cannot scam you). Some schematics are only available through the Chu-Gon Dar Cube. The Cube weapon schematics are permanently learned so your chosen weaponsmith may already have it. If not, you'll need to give the Glowies to the weaponsmith as weapon schematics created with the Cube are No-Trade. The Cube weapons also require a Cube created component, these are tradable, but it might be easier to give the glowies needed to create them to the weaponsmith. This is a link to a great site for Cube recipes, including what MOBs/NPCs drops the item and any waypoints available: Chu-Gon Dar combos
  3. Most of a weapons damage stats are determined by the Core, you will not get a capped weapon without a capped Core so weaponsmiths will usually use a factory-made capped Core to increase their chances of capping a weapon. Even with a capped Core the weaponsmith usually needs the right "Amazings" during the weapon crafting process to "cap" the stats.
The Core is also where a Weapon Enhancement (loot drop), a Weapon Augmentation (loot drop), and a Weapon Power Bit (a crafted version of a WA) can be added. If you want any (or all) of these bonus items added to your weapon the Core will have to be crafted by hand and there is no way to guarantee a capped Core. Many weaponsmiths also feel that adding the Enhancements & Augmentations decreases the chance of getting Amazings. If you still want these parts added to your Core, and you're not fussed about a capped weapon, then you'll need the following items:

1 Enhancement: between 1 and 30 (Ranged or Melee Critical Chance, higher = better)
1 Augmentation: between 1 and 250 (Either Health or Action, higher = better)
1 Modifier Bit: desired modifier (eg: Healing Potency)
1 Power Bit: refer to this link for the "required strength": clicky

If you collect the Augmentations & Enhancements that you loot over time and do some research into the "required strength" of the Power Bit needed then the Rinse & Repeat method can be a surprisingly "cheap" way of increasing your chances of getting the bonus stats into a capped weapon Core. You'll need to talk to the weaponsmith and explain that you're willing to provide the parts needed if he/she is willing to try several times for a capped Core for you. A capped Core may happen on the first craft or not at all and this will cost more as a Core uses uber resources and quality components but the weaponsmith will have any uncapped Cores to craft into a weapon and sell on so they may not charge excessively for this.

Rinse & Repeat (X = any number above 1 as long as it's the same amount of each component.)

Option 1: Mid Enhancements + capped Core:

X Enhancements: 19-24 (Ranged or Melee Critical Chance)
X Augmentations: 190 - 224 (Either Health or Action)
X Modifier Bits: desired modifier (eg: Healing Potency)
X Power Bits - of "required strength"

Option 2: High Enhancements + capped Core: (warning - can be costly as hell if you buy the loot drop items)

X Enhancements - 25 to 30 (only drop in Instances)
X Augmentations - 225 to 250 (only drop in Instances)
X Modifier Bits: desired modifier (eg: Healing Potency)
X Power Bits - of "required strength"
Minor formatting and editing by myself

All credits to Malane & Diebo, members of RSG, a crafters paradise on Chimaera :mrgreen:



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