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So what is your impressions so far?

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2009 6:40 pm
by Nescoupe
Hi Zimoon,

Usually I read and listen on this forum but I am curious if you have made any of the more vague sub-components like redundant power supplies and other modules since the update and what are your impressions?

Re: So what is your impressions so far?

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:54 pm
by Sakh
My impression is, that they nerfed the utility droids badly, and it was absolutely unnecessary. :(

Capped harvester/handsampler droids, that have the max. bonus, but that are max. cl1, and only have 100 health and absolutely ZERO armor (doesn't matter, how many droid armor modules we put into them), are simply just pointless to craft/have/call in the wild.

Also, it is kind of annoying, that while we got 12 new droid models, they made 7 of the old ones to be "cl1-only".

If they will fix these issues, I will like this GU. If they won't fix these issues, then I must hate this nerf, sorry.

PS.: Sorry to answer Your question, I know, that I'm not Zimoon, but I couldn't resist. I do hope, that Zimoon has better opinion about this GU.

Re: So what is your impressions so far?

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 7:20 am
by Zimoon
My reply is "no, I have not!"

Reason: I have spent several hours a day coding SWGAide, and I mean several :lol:


Re: So what is your impressions so far?

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:47 am
by thegreywolfe
Well if everyone is gonna chime in.

I'm not much of a droid engineer yet, but I decided to play around with it for a few weeks, makes some droids. I've got one mining droid with a 58 hand sample, which is nice, but if I ever get attacked on mustyfart, i'm gonna die. I just finished making an SBD with combat ability and a hand sample of 29. I don't know what difference it's going to make, but as I rarely am going for more than a few thousand units of resource on musty, I think he might work better. I do find the levels are annoying on the new combat modules. I didn't realize that 3 of mine were enough below cap that they were level 2 and it took me a few minutes to figure out why they wouldn't work.