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Recent Resources

Post by Sobuno »


I just added the feature "Recent Resources" that some of you may have known from the old SWGCraft. It can be found on the frontpage in the left-side menu or here:

This was added as I was recently made aware that some people were missing this feature. Remember that if you find the site in need of a feature, do not hesitate to ask, it might be simpler to implement than you think.

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Re: Recent Resources

Post by TyraNoah »

I'd propose for site re-design. Just to match ad be relevant to the kind of chats we do here. I have a feeling that this site is so generic and lacks the taste of SWGcraft. Any one else with thoughts as such?
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Re: Recent Resources

Post by Savacc »

Are you volunteering to redesign it?

We are basically on autopilot. There are things that need doing to be part of what is happening in SWG today, but no one interested in coding it.
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Re: Recent Resources

Post by Aerynne »

I really wish I could code but alas my computer skills ended with card punching. I appreciate so much what you are doing to keep this site going. It is the first thing I check each day to see if it is time to drop harvesters. Thank you!
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Re: Recent Resources

Post by Slyvampy »


We did look at a modern redesign many years ago.

But I am not a graphic designer, nor a frontend developer anymore. (Cool kids can do alot better with Javascript nowadays).

Feel free to send something if you have ideas.
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