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Forum: Site/Forum Discussion
Thread: Request to reactivate/add Swg-Europa (5 replies)
Hey team hey slyvampy can you please reactivate the swg-europa Server? The Ressources are Not Invalid etc.

Thank you...

Forum: General SWG Emulator Discussion
Thread: Why is SWG-Europe not more by SwgCraf... (2 replies)

why is SWG-Europa not more in SWGcraft.org?
I and all my ingame friends are not Happy!

Can any Pls Chang...

Forum: SWGAide
Thread: First time installation (0 replies)
I got back in the game a couple months ago on the swgemu server basilisk and am now trying to install swgaide and cant get...

Forum: Galaxy Specific Discussion
Thread: Relics of Corbantis (3 replies)
Hello -

When you get a chance can you please add a new server to the site?

Relics of Corbantis