Architect FAQ
By Savacc

Architect FAQ

Architect is the “crafter’s crafting profession” and a symbol of what is great about Star Wars Galaxies. Other games allow players to craft arms, armor and magic, but SWG was the first to allow architects, a totally non combat crafting profession. I knew I wanted to be an architect the first time I wandered out into the wilderness of SWG and saw my first player house. It struck me that here was a player “homesteading” , trying to build a civilization out in the wilderness. I knew I wanted to be a part of that, and ever since then, I have.
Architects make all other crafting possible. We are the ones who build houses, factories, harvesters and crafting stations. As long as there are crafters in SWG there will be a need for architects.

Why should I be an Architect?
I believe that Architect is the best profession for someone who has never been a crafter to start as. For two reasons. One, being an Architect allows you to build your own crafting infrastructure. If you choose another profession, you will need to buy what you need from an Architect. If you start as an Architect, you can make it yourself. And two, Architect starts off with an easy learning curve, then ramps up to some of the most difficult crafting projects in the game. Architects can start slow, but by the time they finish the profession , they will have all the knowledge to master any other crafting profession.

How do I start out in Architect?
In short read this:
Zimoon's Guide for Beginning Traders

Just a few tips that pertain to Architect. All crafting requires some “grinding”, that is, making items in “practice mode” just for the experience. Architect requires less grinding then any other profession. Many, even most, of the things a low level Architect makes are just as good as a “Master Architect” can make. This is not the case in other professions, in fact, only Tailor would be similar. This allows a rising Architect to begin selling their products and getting a return on their investment into gaining experience and levels.

I’ve heard that making Gungan Heads is the best way to master Architect?
As I write this, SOE is working on a nerf for the Gungan Head grind. I suspect that after the nerf, making swoops as an Engineer Trader will replace the Gungan Head, Structures grind. The purpose of the Gungan Head grind, and whatever replaces it, is to master a crafting profession as quickly as possible. It assumes that the resources involved are of no consequence and can be thrown away to more quickly gain level 90. For long time players who understand the crafting game, who are changing professions, or starting a new alternative character, the Gungan Head grind makes sense. I will admit that I have used it. However, for a new player in the game, or a player starting a crafting alt who has never crafted in SWG, it is a bad idea. As I have noted earlier, Architect is a profession where you can start making sellable products at low levels. As soon as you can make a small house, build one. Put it down and make some furniture for it. Then put a vendor in it with more small houses and furniture for sale. If you must “grind” for levels, make structure modules and turn them into walls instead of making “Gungan Heads” in practice mode. Store the walls in your bank, and house till you need them. An Architect never has enough walls. This gives you something useful from your crafting grind and lets you learn the profession as you grind.

How do I make a crafting macro?
Here is an outstanding, step by step guide, with screenshots

What about resource quality and experimenting?
There are only two things an architect makes where resource quality and experimenting can improve the product, crafting stations and harvesters. For everything else, it doesn’t matter. In addition, many of the subcomponents for harvesters don’t matter either. But we will get to that later.

Im making a factory schematic for walls. Shouldnt 99 be the most walls I can make, after using 10 of the 1000 structure modules to make the wall schematic?
In every case but walls, that would be correct. However, the wall schematic calls for 10 "simular" structure modules, not "identical". This means that any ten structure mods will do, regardless of their serial number, whether they were made in a factory, or by hand. Also, any schematic that uses structure mods, or walls, (houses, factories, harvesters) calls for "simular" structure mods or walls, not identical. So, as long as your resorces hold out, you can make upto 1000 walls using 10 or more schematics for structure mods.
This is what I think happened. When the devs came up with the idea for factories and requiring "identical" factory run componants for advanced schematics in each crafting profession, they came up with a "chicken or egg" problem. That is, how could an architect make a factory if he needed factory made walls to make one? Their answer seemed to be to make walls, and the structure mods that make walls, not requre a factory, thus the "simular" versus "identical" for everything else.

What rare "Named Resources" will I need?
Most Architect schematics use "generic" resources, however some pieces of furniture learned at the master level call for "named resources", some of which can be a long time between spawns.
They are:
Armoire - Kelsh Copper
Chest - Duranium Steel
Cafe Table - Pholokite Extrusive Ore
End Table - Ionite Intrusive Ore
Book Case - Titanium Alum
Chair - Thallium Copper
Love Seat - Dathomirian Leathery Hide
Couch - Endorian Wooly Hide

The hardest to find will be the two Ores, which could be 6 months to a year between spawns.

Also look for good resources to make harvesters. You will need resources with HR, SR and UT that average 962 or higher. So look for a Duralloy Steel, and either a Vintrium Extrusive Ore, or a Katrium Intrusive Ore. A good Kammeris Iron could be used in the "metal" slot, or use the Duralloy Steel.
For Crafting Tools and Crafting Stations, you need a metal with high CD, so look for a Polysteel Copper or a JTL metal (Perovskitic Allum, Conductive Borcarbitic Copper, Crystallized Bicorbantium Steel or Hardened Aveshium Steel).

I need a Power Core but I dont see a "Power Conditioner" nor "Energy Distributor" in my crafting tool?
Engineer Traders make them. They also make the optional subcomponents for the crafting stations and GP modules for the torches. Tailors make the synthetic cloth needed to make some pieces of furniture as well. Of course the new Beast Master related schematics require the cooperation of the other crafting professions too.

I've seen other statues, but the Gungan Head is the only one in my crafting tool?
There are three schematics like this: statues, fountains and street lamps. On the final crafting screen, where you have the option to "name" your item, these three schematics have a "drop down menu" in the upper left corner that gives you additional options. More statues, more fountains and more street lamps.

Architects can make camps now?
Yes since Chap 5.
Here is a guide

Notes: crafting stations seem to be a bit of a waste. If you want to craft in the wild, bring a droid. The shuttle port allows people to shuttle IN to your camp. Useful for late arrivals.

How should I spend my expertise?
That is totally up to you. Whether you want any of the new Beast Master skills will have a huge affect on your expertise. From an Architect perspective the essential things are resource quality and the Elite Harvester schematics. To get the schematics you will need the architect skills line plus some in shipwright or artisan.
Here is a guide to structures expertise

How do I make the best Harvesters?
Here is yet another guide

I will point out that this is the one place that a “Master Architect” will be better then a non master. Also the proper expertise is essential. Namely, the increased resource quality and the extra experimentation point. Then of course you can not make the Elite harvesters without those expertise boxes.
The only two places that resource quality and experimenting matter is on the mining/pump/harvesting subcomponents, and the resources used in the final combine. Resources used must average 962 in HR, SR and UT for max BER. MA factors into hopper size. The walls, generators, storage units and any manufacturing unit do not matter.

What are the max BERs for Harvesters and the Mining Units?
  • Personals 5, Wind 10
  • Mediums 11, Solar and Geothermal 15
  • Heavies 14, Fusions 19
  • Elites 44
Mining Units
  • Mediums 5
  • Heavies 7
  • Elites 21

How do I make the best Crafting Stations?
GU12 fixed the bugs on these but there is still one they didn't get. Even though Crafting Stations are Architect schematics, they use artisan experimentation skill. As noted earlier, Engineers make the optional subcomponents. You can still make crafting stations that function normally in every way without the subcomponents, but the rating on them suffers. Here is how it breaks down:
1) The base value for a crafting station with none of the optional components is -15 to +15.
2) Adding Micro Sensor Suites will add to your final station -20 to +20
3) Adding Control units will add -5 to +5 points
4) Adding Droid Storage will add -5 to +5 points
For a grand total of 45 possible points.

Got any comments for the guide?