Harvesters and Fusion Generators - A Step by Step
By Savacc

Note: This guide was originally written by Ecnal Kram and posted on the old SWGcraft.com. I have copied it here to preserve it and because I link to it from my FAQ. I did edit it to reflect changes that occured after Chapt 6 and expertise was added to crafting. - Savacc

Harvesters and Fusion Generators - A Step By Step


A completed Heavy Harvester will require in the neighborhood of 27,000 units of as many as 10 different types of resources, a fair portion which requires specific and essential stats. The final combine requires specific resources, as many as 6 components, and at least 1 subcomponent. The bulk of the resources required can be grind quality, through and through, but there are areas where you will not be able to cut corners. The following is a compilation of information gathered from this site and my experience as an Archie.

There are 6 different types of harvesters classified as Heavy Harvesters:

Heavy Mineral Mining Installation
Fusion Ion Generator
Deep Crust Chemical Extractor
High Capacity Flora Farm
Heavy Natural Gas Processor
High Efficiency Moisture Vaporator

1. Making the Mining Unit.

There are 3 different components referred to as mining units.

Ore Mining Units (OMU's)-Used in Heavy Mineral Mining Installations and Fusion Ion Generators

Turbo Fluidic Pump Units (TFPU's)-Used in Deep Crust Chemical Extactors, Heavy Natural Gas Processors, and High Efficiency Moisture Vaporators

Heavy Harvesting Mechanisms (HHM's)-Uses in High Capacity Flora Farms

Here are some universal fundamentals applicable to all 3 of the above components.

In order to create acceptable mining units you will first need to craft a schematic. This schematic is then loaded into a Structure and Furniture Factory. You then load appropriate portions of the EXACT resources used when creating the schematic, into the factory input hopper. Powered up with maintenance added, your factory will produce identical mining units. Identical items have identical serial numbers. Similar items are any item similar in name, but without the exact same serial number. Note: Fusion Ion Generators require only 1 OMU. You will only need identical OMU's for fusion crafting if you plan on crafting a Fusion Ion Generator schematic for the purpose of a factory run.

Use steel and metal with high stats in: Heat Resistance(HR), Shock Resistance(SR), and Unit Toughness(UT)

For those mining units that require inert gas don't worry about quality. Inert gasses do not have HR, SR, and UT stats so it does not affect the final outcome negatively or positively.

Choose chemicals that do not have HR, SR, and UT stats. Examples of these include but may not be limited to: Known Liquid Petro Fuel and Lubricating Oil. Chemicals with stats that could affect your outcome are: Fiberplast and Polymer. Here's the reason. You can use grind quality chemicals if you use those that do not have HR, SR, and UT stats. Choose a chemical like Fiberplast or Polymer and you'll have to use premium quality stuff which will cost you an arm and a leg, or, would yield a cpu price on the open market which would outweigh the benefit of using it in your mining unit assembly.

The mining units schematics suffer from a common bug in this game, they can not get to 100% experimentation, even with "perfect" resources. Instead, they are limited to 99%. However there is a difference between 99% and a 99% that should be a 100% if the schematic were not bugged. The difference is a mining unit with BER 6 instead of a BER 7.

To make BER 7 mining units you must have the expertize boxes "Resource Processing" and "Advanced Resource Refinement". These will increase your resource quality by upto 4%. Then choose resources with HR, SR and UT that average 960 in quality. When experimenting it is essential to get at least one "amazing success". Experiment one box at a time till you get the amazing, then fill out the line. when you get to 99%, your BER rating should be 7. If you get to 99% with only "good" results, your BER rating will be only 6.

2. Structural Modules and Wall Modules.

The High Efficiency Moisture Vaporators require structural modules. All of the other heavies require wall modules. Use grind quality metal and ore to make these. Do not waste your time experimenting you walls. It does not affect the final combine. Remember, these do not have to be identical. I have used walls made by me in the same final combine with walls made by other archies. If you aspire to be an archie who mass produces heavies. Be prepared to use a boatload of ore and metal for these components. The majority of my factory time is spent on these two components. FYI: 1000 structual modules takes about 17 hours and a 100 walls takes about 3.5 hours to complete.

3. Generator Turbines (GT's).

Again, grind quality resources can be used for these components. Every heavy harvester requires at least 2 of these with exception of the Fusion Ion Generator which requires 3. These must be identical, therefore factory produced. As an Archie who makes more than just heavies, you will use these for many other structures as well.

4. Small Structure Storage Modules (SSSM's).

Use grind quality resources. These must be identical.

5. Manufacturing Mechanisms.

These are used in Fusion Ion Generators only. Use grind quality resources. These must be identical. These require, as a sub component, 1 GT. Because these must be identical, you must add identical GT's to the input hopper of your factory when setting up the factory run.

6. Resources for the final assembly.

Your primary concern when choosing resources for you final combine are the HR, SR, and UT stats. M and UT affect the hopper size but this should only be a secondary concern. Remember BER for dough, hopper size for show. By and large, experts agree, a BER14 unit with a minimum hopper size is all most players need.

Here are some fundamentals applicable to the final combine of all the heavies.

Use mining units that have been experimented to as high a level as possible, BER 7.

For those slots which require steel, metal and ore, look for high stats in HR, SR, and UT. I look for 960 or better in these stats, but have crafted nice heavies using steel and metal with essential stats below 960.

I will use a Heavy Mineral Mining Installation as an example.

There are 5 slots in the final combine of a Heavy Mineral Mining Installation that can affect the outcome.
A = Slot 1 : Requires 400 units of steel
B = Slot 2 : Requires 600 units of any type metal
C = Slot 4 : Requires 200 units of any type metal
D = Slot 5 : Requires 300 units of any type metal
E = Slot 7 : Requires 400 units of any chemical (as with the mining units, using a chemical like lube oil negates any affect that this slot has on the final outcome, this will reflect in the formula)

((400/1500((0.25*HR of A)+(0.25*SR of A)+(0.50 * UT of A))+(600/1500((0.25*HR of B)+(0.25*SR of B)+(0.50*UT of B))+(200/1500((0.25*HR of C)+(0.25*SR of C)+(0.50 * UT of C))+(300/1500((0.25*HR of D)+(0.25*SR of D)+(0.50 * UT of D))+(0/1500((0.25*HR of E)+(0.25*SR of E)+(0.50 * UT of E)))/10

Put that in your pipe and smoke it....lol. If your really feel the need to study out this formula, by all means, go for it. As you can see the amount of resources required and the quality lend to a two dimensional affect on the outcome by resources used. If you understand this formula, you can easily use it as a model for heavies other than Heavy Mineral Mining Installations. If you don't understand this formula don't fret. I've made thousands of heavies having never understood these fundamentals.

You can affect the outcome in the following ways.

Craft with high quality tools and stations. There is some degree of discrepency on this subject but most seem to agree that using good tools and stations only affects the assembly outcome and does not give you any kind of bonus on experimental outcome.

Wear clothing items that have Assembly and Experimentation bonuses plugged into the sockets. Back in the day, if you failed an assembly role, you lost resources and or components but that is no longer the case, so the assembly bonus seems to have no real value. Experimentation skill enhancing attachments can give you 2 additional experimentation points above the 10 that you get as a Master Architect. Many feel that the money spent on these as an architect is wasted as the only real advantage that it gives is the ability to craft better hopper sizes. As explained earlier, uber hopper sizes are useless to most miners. You should note that not only do you get the added 2 points but you also get a bonus to your experimentation roll, so you have a better chance of hitting great and amazing successes. I enjoy making uber hopper size harvies for the mere fact that in the only way discernable, mine are the best money can buy.

Craft in a city that has the tag of Research Center. This gives you a +15 to your experimentation roll.

Drink Bespin Port. This gives you a +4 to your experimentation roll.

Eat Pyollian Cake. This gives you a +6 to your assembly roll.

Note regarding Fusion Ion Generators: Recent changes have now made it possible for Archies to hit BER 19 fusions. Awesome!!!

Many will not be able to consistenly produce BER14 harvs due to resource limitations. If you do not have the resources to craft BER7 mining units you can still make BER13 harvs. These may continue to sell well, but my experience has been that the SWG crowd is fickle. They want the best and pay little for the rest. Go for the 14's but remember you can probably make a profit on the 13's. After you master making a BER 14 heavies and fusions the only challenge left in making these is shooting for uber hopper sizes. My personal best on a Fusion is around 142k. On the other harvesters my personal best is around 135.5k.

Elite Harvesters follow all the same principles. The difference is the Elites have their own mining units, which are not bugged, and can get to 100% and BER 21.

MTFBWY in all your crafting.

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